What I “Should” Be Writing…

by P. Braithwaite

I’m reading The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.   The authors, Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, have written what I consider the bible for aspiring writers. I’ve read through it before, looking for specific information about book proposals, but right now I’m rereading it for encouragement

(Recently, an agent kindly suggested I find a new topic to write about. Translation: Should I really be writing about men, God and relationships? Naturally, self-doubt ensued.)

While reading I found one of the sidebars — “What Should You Write” helpful. The authors tell the story of a  psychologist who, while sitting down with his agent to discuss his next book, mentioned that he had an extensive beer list that he carried around with him. (I’m paraphrasing.) This tidbit, coupled with the fact that he actually pulled out the beer list, led this psychologist to writing a book called The Beer Lovers Rating Guide, which has over 220,000 copies in print.  The Moral: Don’t write what you should. Write what you love! 

So should I be writing about Men God and Relationships? Here are the things that I know:

1. I have a deep yearning to understand the ways that God works in our lives.

2. I also have a strong desire to understand the ways men love.

3. I want to give credibility to those who follow non-traditional spiritual paths,  including those that doubt and deny the existence of God.

4. I am writing this book in an effort to affirm that men love in all different ways and faiths and traditions. That there is a connection between the heart that loves and the mind that views/or rejects belief in God.

Overall this book started out as an attempt for me, a person who sometimes feels weird and unholy, to heal. I was raised Roman Catholic, but I don’t identify that way. I’m writing this book and interviewing people to make sure that …that is okay. I am writing this book to tell people, that they are loveable — no matter what they believe.

After talking to the aforementioned agent, I was a bit discouraged. He was right, I’m not a theologian or a psychologist. But after reading the sidebar, I’m back!  

And so the book continues!

I’d taken a break from interviewing, but I’m ready to resume. Got some interesting folks lined up — can’t wait to share.